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Our Products


Manufactures a wide range of products including :-
 - Water Insulation Products
 - Floor Application  Products
 - Technical Mortar
 - Tile Adhesive Products and many more


A whole range of glass blocks, of sizes, designs and colours for your home.


We’re much more than just the trusted UK lime supplier….Mike Wye are leading suppliers of a wide range of traditional, eco-friendly and sustainable building and insulation materials, polished plasters and natural paints.


The best  buildings use our edge protectors.


IMERYS ALUMINATES has been an  expert in CALCIUM ALUMINATES for  more than 100 years, since it created its signature product: CIMENT FONDU® Since then,the company has specialisedin cement  and  refactory mortar, developing an entire range of innovative products for construction.

The world’s leading manufacturer of cements and alumina cement-based finished products, Imerys Aluminates makes its extensive expertise available to professionals in the construction industry, in order to meet the needs of technical projects that are increasingly demanding in terms of performance, resistance and durability

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Global Building is a European group specialized in the design, production and sale of materials and systems for fire passive protection and lightweight fiber-reinforced concrete boards for architecture. Our structure and our know-how allows us to play a leading role in the public and private sectors, industry, navy and tunnels.

The Global Building product range includes calcium silicate bards, passive barriers and intumescent systems for sealing crossings, as well as a wide range of accessories.

Global Building also offers a winning solution for realizations of exterior and interior finishes thanks to lightened fiber-reinforced concrete board UNIPAN®, which opens new perspectives in the design and construction of buildings. The UNIPAN® board provides designers and installers an alternative to traditional materials, as well as masonry building systems. It can face the most extreme climatic conditions, external as internal.

The Global Building strengths are more than ten years on the European market and the experience of a technical and highly specialized commercial team.


Pladur Gypsum manufactures and markets products and construction solutions for internal partition walls focused onthe building sector, in all its segments of activity (residential, non-residential, rehabilitation and reform). The lines of business are, on the one hand, gypsum board systems (Pladur®), dry partition solutions, and, on the other, powder gypsum (Algíss®), traditional or wet partition solution.

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A passion for colour. This has been the driving force at Stoopen & Meeûs for more than 120 years. From our base in the heart of Europe, we share this passion with our customers by supplying premium-quality pigments, dyes, mineral products at an honest price. Our customers and their requirements are our top priority, and we search for answers to their unique colour needs together.

With an excellent strategic location near the port of Antwerp, a global network of representatives and more than a hundred years of experience, Stoopen & Meeûs is a valuable link in the value chain of its customers in more than 80 countries worldwide.


Historically, Stoopen & Meeûs is renowned for its rich, deep greens and blue colours.


The technical calcium carbonate that modern industry demands.


Range, quality and technology. PICA roof tiles: modern and practical solutions with their roots deep in the past. A range so complete that you can choose the best possible solution from fourteen different tiles and three types of concave tile: a host of product proposals for a host of different living solutions. Not only that, but the range also includes various special pieces and ridge tiles with different finishes to provide the definitive answer to every roof covering need. Experience, carefully selected raw materials and cutting-edge technology make PICA roof tiles the product when it comes to meeting living requirements of the highest level.


Dyson Technical Ceramics are manufacturers of high performance refractory ceramics, specialising in the production and innovation of Tin Oxide and Zirconia Ceramics (Zirconium Oxide ). With over 200 years' experience supplying cutting edge refractory ceramics they possess the expertise  to continuously develop new ideas and products.


More than 50 years manufacturing and exporting quality tools for construction.


Magniplast was established on 1967 by Carlo Magni, a smart entrepreneur who was the innovator of continuous process technology for fiberglass laminates production. In the following years, Magniplast acquires a new technology: FILON and installed several production lines.
FILON is a translucent laminate exceeding one billion of square meters sold all around the world, highly appreciated for its quality. Over the years, the range of products has been enlarged by the brands FILON, VETROPLAST, TOTALUX, TOPACO, SANITECH, POLARTECH, FILON TRUCK, FILON STYLE, thanks to research, new plants and technologies. Today Magniplast is the European’s top manufacturer of fiberglass laminates produced on continuous process .


The only one in Italy to have over 15 types of products of its own manufacture , BRIAWOOD LANDINI Srl operates in compliance with a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified quality system.
The fiber cement slabs sector represents the company's core business and has three production lines with a potential of 10,000,000 m / q per year. BRIAWOOD LANDINI Srl boasts the only plant in Italy capable of pressing roofing slabs and can create specific diversified profiles to satisfy every type of market, from that which requires economic solutions, up to the most demanding and customized.
Thanks to the numerous types of building products, BRIAWOOD LANDINI Srl is a national leader in production and sales. Counting on a widespread sales network, it is able to export to most European countries and to various non-European countries. The strength of BRIAWOOD LANDINI Srl is the speed of response to customer requests , served every day through hundreds of shipments to Italy, but also the rest of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


James Dewhurst have grown into one of the largest global manufacturers of flexible reinforcement textiles. Our proprietary laid scrim processes, weaving technologies and lamination capabilities enable us to offer high-performance industrial laid and woven textiles.
Our bespoke reinforcement textiles are tailored to our customers’ requirements and we will work closely with you to find a solution that improves and strengthens your applications. With world-leading output capacity and widths up to 5.2m you can be sure that James Dewhurst has the reinforcement solution you need, when you need it.


Protection. Intercrete® provides concrete and other surfaces with the
durability to withstand the elements,preserving assets and protecting the
structures that people rely on everyday. As a water-based system, Intercrete
is also ultra-low VOC, helping tosafeguard the environment.


With a century of experience in the manufacture and development of waterproofing systems, SOPREMA offers efficient solutions made from elastomeric/plastomeric bitumen, waterproofing resins, synthetic membranes. These innovative, reliable products meet the fast-evolving needs of the construction industry and assist you in the most challenging situations.

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